Daily updates on COVID-19 policies

Due to the evolving global impact of COVID-19, Spotlight Search has recently added a COVID-19 policies feature, providing mortgage brokers with the information they need during this time.

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Lendesk Spotlight is a suite of products that digitizes and simplifies the mortgage process. With Spotlight, mortgage brokers can search rates and policies, quickly intake an application, and submit deals directly to a lender.

Gateway for Alternative Lenders

Lendesk Alternative Gateway is a modern, web-based Loan Origination System and Deal Portal for managing your private lending business. Using Alternative Gateway, you’ll be part of a growing and robust lender network alongside other prime lenders.

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Get a solution specifically built to attend your business needs. Lendesk is built API first. This means all of our tools are created with easy integration in mind. We can connect with any software you need for your particular business model.

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From leading financial institutions and innovation hubs, to industry associations and technology providers, the common thread among all our relationships is the same high standards for security, and excellence.

“Lendesk is a game changer for us, our lenders, and the experiences we can build for our clients. For the first time in my career I can say I’m truly excited at the prospect of legitimate technology innovation in our channel.”

Conrad Neufeldt
CEO of Kasper

“Lendesk is full of fantastic people making world-class technology. They’re engaged and driven to create the best possible experience for both the brokers and their clients.”

Frances Hinojosa
Tribe Financial

“Lendesk is an important partner as we work together in bringing innovative solutions to market. I am excited to see the launch of their new point-of-sale system.”

Yassir Jiwan
Digital Innovation Lead,
Equifax Canada