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Our team of software developers, designers, testers and support agents work tirelessly in our downtown headquarters, creating the industry’s best software tools.

Before I Started Lendesk, I was a Mortgage Broker

In fact, my family has been in the mortgage business for many years.

Like you, I possess that entrepreneurial gene, and I also have a deep fascination with technology.

But as much as I enjoyed the risks and rewards of the Canadian Mortgage Industry, I couldn’t fathom why the technology was so far behind other industries — and why the mortgage process was so tedious, when it really didn’t have to be.

I saw an opportunity to build something bigger than myself, and create the kind of tool that our industry deserves. But I didn’t do it alone.

Our team is made up of world-class software developers, app designers, online security experts, business development experts, online support pros and more. We’ve been sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in our downtown Vancouver headquarters building and testing the Lendesk product, and we are very proud of what we’ve created. I can’t wait for you to try it and give us your feedback.

In fact, consider that an open invitation. Have something you want your software tool to do, or a question about how you can make it work for you? Send them to us, and myself or the team will make sure that your input is heard and valued.

We built Lendesk for you and your needs, and we want you to love it.

Alex Conconi
Founder, Lendesk

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Lendesk is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.

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