News Links: Our CEO Alex Conconi Discusses Mortgage App Security and Down Payment Verification


February 21, 2018

Our recent release of Level, our down payment verification app, has started to get attention in the broker community and industry media.

Our CEO, Alex Conconi, gave two interviews last week. In the first, he discusses down payment verification with Canadian Mortgage Trends, and how the Level app helps to solve this common pain point for brokers.

“Just think of the thousands of hours that are spent—wasted—trying to gather documents by both clients and brokers alike, every single day. We believe that if a client has given you express consent to gather the information you need to process their application, you should be able to obtain that information quickly and easily. Doing so improves the client experience, sure, but it also saves the broker time, and lets them provide better-quality information to the lender.”

Read the full interview at Canadian Mortgage Trends.

He also spoke to Mortgage Broker News, who asked for details around how we build and audit our technology and business practices for SOC 2 compliance. As Alex notes in the interview, the protocols for testing and auditing are very detailed.

“It goes through all the non-financial controls of the business. It looks at all attack surfaces, like employees, physical location—everything. We do a few interesting things on the security side, like having security teams try to penetrate our system, we do daily scans, internal training for staff, and we employ a company that tries to phish our employees—even ‘vish’ them with voice calls to try to trick them—so it keeps our employees on their toes, but if they’re ever caught it’s reported to management. We take security seriously.”

Have you tried Level for yourself? Download it now from Google Play or the App Store, and see how much time you can save verifying your clients’ down payments.

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