Month: August 2016

Ask a Broker: How Do You Add Value for Your Mortgage Clients?

Have you subscribed to “Ask a Broker” yet? You really should. Host Scott Peckford and guests like Sarah Schiess answer your Mortgage Broker questions in audio interviews. In episode 10, Steve K asked: How do you add value for your Mortgage clients? Visit the podcast page to listen to the interview in its entirety. Or check out… Read more »

Lendesk Founder Alex Conconi Selected to CMP “Young Guns” of 2016 List

We’re just tickled to announce that our Founder and CEO, Alex Conconi, has been selected for the CMP (Canadian Mortgage Professionals) Young Guns 2016 list. The list consists of 50 of Canada’s brightest young mortgage industry professionals. From the profile on Alex Conconi, Lendesk CEO Alex Conconi followed his father into the mortgage industry… Read more »