Month: October 2016

The Top 4 Mortgage Questions You’ll Be Asked This Fall

This article was written by guest author Penelope Graham, of Zoocasa. It hasn’t been an easy autumn for mortgage shoppers. A slew of new rules that impact mortgage qualification and affordability have gone into effect – and borrowers are looking to navigate these changes amid an evolving real estate market. Working with a mortgage broker… Read more »

A Canadian Mortgage Broker’s Guide to Social Media

Introduction At the Mortgage Broker conferences we’ve attended these past few years, the Broker community has seemed to be divided on the effectiveness of social media for marketing. And with good reason: for every Broker who is enjoying success by sharing on social media, there are dozens who aren’t seeing a return for their time…. Read more »

How Augmented Reality (AR) Will Change the Housing Industry

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker It’s easy to poke fun at all the gamers wandering around with their phones playing the hit new augmented reality (AR) app that has users wandering around trying to “catch ‘em all.” But look a little deeper and you’ll see that these games are the first sign of a big change in… Read more »