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How Do Canadian Borrowers Feel About B-20?

By: Penelope Graham, Zoocasa The Canadian housing market has now had a full quarter to absorb the impact from Guideline B-20. The new stress test, put in place by the national lending regulator, requires all low-ratio borrowers of new mortgages to qualify at either the Bank of Canada’s benchmark rate (currently 5.14%) or their contract… Read more »

Are B-20 Regulations Causing a Real Estate Rush?

By: Penelope Graham, Zoocasa Is the looming threat of tougher mortgage qualification sparking a mad real estate buying rush? It would appear pending B-20 regulations, which will go into effect on January 1st, are fueling a short-term uptick in sales activity following several months of decline. Unseasonably strong numbers have been noted by several real… Read more »

Why MICs are an Important Player in the Canadian Real Estate Ecosystem

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The mortgage industry in Canada is going through many changes, not the least of which as a result of the new lending rules passed by the federal government. But even before the time of those rules changes, a shift has been taking place in the business; namely a ride in popularity of MICs (mortgage investment… Read more »

4 Tips: How to Prep Mortgage Borrowers for New Stress Test Requirements

By: Penelope Graham, Zoocasa. It hasn’t been an easy year to be a borrower, and conditions are poised to become even tougher: As home prices and interest rates rise, Canada’s lender regulator is considering new rules to further limit mortgage qualification. While an official date is pending, it’s widely expected that the Office of the… Read more »

Who Are Canada’s Real Estate Investors? (Report)

By: Penelope Graham, Zoocasa In rapidly appreciating Canadian housing markets, there is no figure more vilified than the real estate investor. Whether a foreign buyer who edges out locals only to leave a property standing empty or a domestic speculator driving up condo prices via assignment sales, investment practices are a popular scapegoat for crumbling… Read more »

3 Potential Changes Facing Canada’s Housing Market

This article was written by guest author Penelope Graham, of Zoocasa. As affordability and debt levels continue to spiral out of control, it seems just about everyone has a prescription for righting Canada’s real estate market. A number of policy changes have been proposed over the past months in efforts to reduce risky borrowing, soften… Read more »