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Introducing Level, Surprisingly Simple Down Payment Verification

The buildup has been dramatic. The need in the industry is palpable. And now, at long last, Lendesk is releasing our first publicly available product, Level, for the use of Canadian mortgage brokers. Level, our first broker-facing product, is the only product in the Canadian market that can automate the tedious collection of a borrower’s’… Read more »

Building Fintech: Design Makes a Difference

As we endeavour to build products that will become indispensable tools in the Canadian mortgage industry, we are careful to consider every detail. It’s our belief that for an application to be useful, it has to be well-designed — so we are sparing no expense when it comes to designing Lendesk. Design is not simply… Read more »

Building Fintech: The Importance of Customer Success

Building useful, game-changing software is no easy task. When it comes to fintech (financial technology) apps, the challenge is even greater: the handling of financial documents and sometimes even monetary transactions is not something to be taken lightly. At Lendesk, we take the job of building mortgage tools very seriously, and we aim to leave… Read more »