Tools that Let You Compete
With the Big Banks

We scan the text in documents, and do data input for you.

Need to make a change to a file at the last minute?
Make your change, and re-generate all your documents
with the click of a button.

Integrate with Existing Systems

We’ve built Lendesk to work with your existing tools and apps. Import and export your data at will, using our API (Application Program Interface).

Commitment Letter Generation

We generate commitment letters and lawyer instructions using the data in your applications, with e-signature information embedded for your convenience.

Integrated eSignature

They’re easier, they’re more secure, and frankly, it’s about time. E-signatures are here to stay.

Transparent Debt Service Calculations

We do the math for you, revealing the exact formulas of our debt service calculations, and each of their component parts.

Available Add-Ons

Customize your tools with the features you need

Borrower’s Portal

Have borrowers access their own profile and enter their own data to start an application.

Mobile App

Take your work with you, and access all of it from your mobile device (Yes, really).

Digital Bank Statements

Verify closing cost and payments digitally, further reducing the amount of paper required to complete a deal.

Included with All Products

You want to be able to count on the safety of your data, and we are always here to help.

Core Data in Canada

We subject ourselves to rigorous SOC2 audits, and keep your data stored on Canadian servers.

Realtime Support

Have a problem? We are here to collect your feedback, and will continue to evolve our products.


“Any small change to a deal used to mean having to update several documents, costing me loads of time. With Lendesk, I can update and create multiple documents with a single click, which frees me up to evaluate more deals.”


Jared Stanley
2015 Underwriter of the Year, CAAMP

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